Use Domain Warden™
to Protect your Whois Privacy

The domain name Whois database is accessible to everyone on the Internet. When you register a domain name, you are at risk of exposing your name, address, email and phone numbers to unsolicited marketing (spam) and online defrauders. Domain Warden™ is designed to protect any domain owner by shielding confidential information from the Internet public. It is among the most effective domain privacy options you can find; globally, guaranteed.

Contact Information Lock

Contact information for Domain Warden™ is listed publicly in the Whois database; not your information. Your name, address, phone, email and fax (among other personal information) remains private. Therefore, you are safe from a growing number of unsolicited phone calls and junk email; as well as identity theft.


The Domain Warden™ control panel allows YOU to decide the messages that are received. YOU have complete oversight.

Spam Protection

Domain Warden™ receives your Whois correspondence. Based on your filters, we forward these messages privately.